PLANETAKIS - Out Of The Club, Into The Night

Planetakis - Out Of The Club, Into The Night

11 songs
42:11 minutes
***** ****
Peng Musik


Cologne duo Planetakis’ members have rather different backgrounds. Robert Drakogiannakis was vocalist and guitarist for famed indie rockers Angelika Express until 2005, and Jenny Fey is also the singer for the punk band Inner Conflict. Planetakis doesn’t sound like either of those bands by heading into a more electronic and clubby direction.

When I first saw Planetakis play live in 2006, I was amazed by their epic mix of rock and electro elements, and compared to their back then feature EP Beautiful Today, Planetakis show themselves even more danceable on their second album Out Of The Club, Into The Night. Electronic riffs and technoesque beats are running like a leitmotif through the album. The duo also likes to use samples, setting you back into an atmosphere of late-Eighties and early-Nineties pop music. Money Sex And Alcohol borrows the melody from one-hit-wonder EMF’s Unbelievable, and the intro of Messaged reminds of Laura Branigan’s Self-Control.

But don’t get the impression that Planetakis aim at electro fans only. As a die-hard guitar music fan, I also got my kicks from their new album. The reason for this may be Planetakis’ carefree approach towards music. Thus Jamez Bond, Son Of A Bitch sounds just as cool as its title implies. There is also a lot of variety on the album. Some songs have superb pop appeal, with a track like No Faith No More being even cute enough to appeal to Blümchen fans. Friends of harder beats should risk an ear with Pogo In The Shoes Of Kylie Minogue, which has also been released as a single.

Planetakis managed to transform themselves from an indie to and electro band successfully. The duo sounds more mature than ever before, and despite the musical change, they haven’t lost any of their energy and intensity. Out Of The Club, Into The Night has enough hit appeal to get them access to a large audience.

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