Plastic Ivy - Turn To Ivy

10 songs
48:40 minutes
***** ****


Plastic Ivy are one of the best newcomers I've had encountered in the last years. After the release of a 5 track EP in 2000, their first full-length CD came out two years later. Their label Noiseworks Records is often a sign for excellent indie pop quality, and Plastic Ivy don't are no exception. Most songs are played at a very slow tempo, you can call them melancholic or sad pop. Even if they create a kind of monotony, the songs never get boring. This is due to the singer with the unusual name Kitty Solaris who has an icy cold voice in the tradition of P.J. Harvey and Nico and can nevertheless bring some romance into the music. Even if most songs show beautiful signs of a melancholic fragility, Plastic Ivy also try sometimes to rock: Spider for instance is inspired by Sonic Youth or The Breeders, Jukebox or Four Leaf Clover prevent you from beginning to dream while listening to the music. Plastic Ivy are another proof that Germany has one of the most interesting indie pop scenes in the world.

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