Plastilinovy JiNN - Mirage

10 songs
27:05 minutes
***** ****


Two years ago, I was caught completely by surprise when I received an email from Kazakh heavy metal band Plastilinovy JiNN who offered their new album for free downloading on the Internet. In the meantime, Kazakhstan is no longer an empty spot in the maps in people's heads, which is less due to Plastilinovy JiNN very innovative take on hard rock music than to the sublime and good-natured mockumentary Borat which mostly everyone must have seen this year.

The interesting thing about parody is that it takes a reality and distorts it ever so slightly that something real and existing all of a sudden becomes hilarious. Mirage works sometimes the same way, but confronting Europeans who are awash in every kind of imaginable heavy metal music with this very special kind of Asian rock music, which uses European stereotypes and combines them with Kazakh folk sensibilities and sublime musicianship, mostly by Alexander Zaplagin's versatile guitar playing, and the female vocalist, borrowed from the without a doubt locally very famous band Anzura, adds romantic touches that bridge the gap between top 40 pop music and Bollywood kitsch.

Mirage is again a very short album, but Zaplagin is a master of functional song writing. He feels at home as well in melodic speed metal territories reminding me of Perestroikan rock pioneers Kruiz as in some kind of archaic disco metal which probably can only exist in a country like Kazakhstan. Maybe Plastilinovy JiNN should try to ride the Borat hype, because if some English comedian thinks he has the right to make fun and money of their country, then this band should also have the right, or even the civic duty, to get their share of fortune, too. And until they may become the newest trend, you should still jump at the opportunity to get a free download of this album.

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