Plastilinovy JiNN - Rock

11 songs
28:02 minutes
***** **


Although Plastilinovy JiNN are not the only heavy metal band from Kazakhstan, according to the Encyclopaedia Metallum on the Internet, but they are probably the most popular one, which to a certain degree is due to their aggressive marketing techniques. As with their two previous recordings, Plastilinovy JiNN again make their new album, simply titled Rock, available for free downloading, even in highest MP3 encoding, which the usual pay sites don’t even offer.

From a musical point of view, not much has changed though with the Kazakhs. Their eleven new songs are generally short and combine traditional hard rock and heavy metal music with Eastern melancholy and cheesy synth sounds that remind of late Seventies disco era. The opener Let JiNN Out for instance sounds like Rammstein making a cover version of AC/DC’s Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. The ballad Letny Liven (Summer Rain) is the only song longer than three minutes, with added female vocals and a high but also cute kitsch factor. Plastilinovy JiNN’s general sound combines fast guitars with hoarse vocals that remind me of Russian metal pioneers Kruiz. This is all nice and good, but the element of surprise that was present at the first album I heard from them, and also still recognisable the second time around, has disappeared on Rock. Plastilinovy JiNN are still a rather original band. I couldn’t name many others that play this Eastern sounding heavy metal. It seems though that this time many songs have been manufactured with the same template in mind, which makes for little variety. Maybe allowing their songs to develop and become longer would help to add different moods.

Rock is still an interesting addition to every eclectic heavy metal collection. As the album is available for free downloading on the band’s website, there is actually no excuse not to get their new album.

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