>PLAY!SEDATE - Unfinished Business

>play!sedate - Unfinished Business

10 songs
37:28 minutes
***** ***


It seems to be a fashion to release for free on the Internet albums by bands that do not exist any longer. Ice In A Strainer initiated the movement in Luxembourg, and >play!sedate are next. Although I heard the name mentioned – mostly on the Fanhead internet site to which the band had narrow ties – I never heard their music before, which is why I felt compelled to download this posthumous EP.

What >play!sedate lack is homogeneity in their song writing. Although the production is professional enough, I get the impression as if this four-piece was forever looking for a direction which they probably never found before they broke up. This leaves us now with a peculiar situation: ten songs that somewhat could be from ten different bands, with moods ranging from dance to screamo.

It is nonetheless an interesting compilation, with most songs having an unfinished touch about them, hence the album title, but from time to time, >play!sedate show proof of visionary skills, espially on Erised (Desire, spelled backwards), where the melody is carried by backwards played instruments. That song alone is worth the download, really, as it combines intelligent moody electronic music with doped out psychedelic acid rock, not unlike the better moments from Norwegian psyche gods When.

Other highlights include Botox Smile RMX, not unlike the more experimental songs from moussevingt, oops, I mean Hal Flavin, of course. Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon is a mock Asian tribute to the popular Eastern movie. The two bonus tracks show >play!sedate duelling once with the Aliksandr Hasek Trió (whoever that may be) and the also defunct Drive Until He Sleeps, and it is ironic that exactly this last track confronting electronic music with post rock sounds yields the only screamo hardcore track.

Unfinished Business is what it claims to be, but it’s also a colourful panoply of songs and song fragments by a band that unfortunately disbanded before anyone ever heard of them.

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