PLECTRONS - Who Killed Gregor Habicht???

Plectrons - Who Killed Gregor Habicht???

5 songs
15:21 minutes
***** ***


The Plectrons from Leipzig seem to have a strange sense of humour as Gregor Habicht is the drummer of the band. The cover artwork gives the album a retro touch. But The Plectrons are not another garage rock, but another indie rock band. This sounds now worse than it really is. The Plectrons play a cool mixture of indie pop, noise rock and some electronica that can be seen somewhere between Pulp, Pixies, Blur, Dinosaur Jr and Robocop Kraus.

The opener It Doesn’t Matter To You is a rather noisy song with some distorted guitars, but the great combination of male and female vocals makes for a melodic chorus. Pick Up The Phone is a chaotic and more hectic track sounding like a light version of Atari Teenage Riot. The remix of this track isn’t bad either and contains some Daft Punk effects. The title track is again a faster song with great vocal lines. Jürgen Prochnow has again more electronic gimmicks and terribly funny lyrics.

It’s a pity that this EP is only a quarter of an hour long. But possibly it was a wise choice if the band maybe doesn’t have a bigger repertoire yet. Anyway The Plectrons have released a record that entertains throughout and I hope that they still have many more good ideas left. I can’t wait to hear more from The Plectrons in the future.

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