PLEMO AND RAMPUE - Love Hate Peace Fuck

Plemo and Rampue - Love Hate Peace Fuck

10 songs
41:13 minutes
***** **


Electronic music has come a long way since its first steps in the Sixties and Seventies. We probably all agree that the genre had its high time in the Eighties when rock’n’roll was recklessly substituted by all kinds of synthetic sounds. German duo Plemo and Rampue, although their outlook set firmly to the future, still like to flirt with elements from the genre’s heyday. Fancy Uncontrolled uses unashamedly a Samantha Fox sample, setting me back into a time before Internet porn, when a hardly talented but big breasted pop starlet could still be the attraction of my wet dreams. Fight For Popcorn is even weirder, combining the Beasty Boys’ Fight For You Right (To Party) with the obnoxious proto-electro hit Popcorn. Another standout track is their single Excess Express, where they rely more on their own ideas and succeed just as well with a rhythmic and very danceable club track.

Plemo and Rampue belong to a new generation of Germanic electro bands who display a strong sense of humour in a style which originally was better known for its sometimes sterile approach. They don’t rock yet as hard as Planetakis, and also are not yet as able as the more dynamic Swiss duo Saalschutz, but their album Love Hate Peace Fuck offers already quite a few catchy ideas and overall smartly produced electronic dance music that makes it worth looking out for.

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