Plutonium Orange - Volume

9 songs
38:45 minutes
***** ***


Finnish people are often stereotyped as having a stoic attitude. They do everything slower than other folks, seemingly living in a slow motion world of their own. This brings us to Plutonium Orange who were founded already in 2000 but nearly took ten years before releasing their debut.

That’s all the stoicism you can find there, though. The four musicians – two of them are also members of Swallow The Sun – come forward with timeless rock music that sounds extremely uncomplicated and simple, but is filled to the brim with raw energy. Stoner rock is certainly one ingredient of their sound, and there are also retro elements, but also influences from bands like Monster Magnet and Living Colour can be discerned. Vocalist Samuli Liekkinen even is convinced that his voice shows parallels to former Marillion frontman Fish, although you need a lot of imagination to perceive this. More important is the fact that Plutonium Orange have a nicely developed songwriting talent. Without offering anything substantially new, their rock music has a freshness that you cannot help yourself but liking their music. Many tracks are fit to be played on alternative radio stations, yet they never take any commercial concessions. 13 Minutes Of Agony shows the band from their most aggressive, while Wet Trails and Bring Out Your Dead are the most likely candidates for single cuts.

It’s a bit of a shame that the albums already after not even forty minutes. I enjoyed Volume from the first note to the last and wouldn’t have minded a couple of encores. Nevertheless I am more than content with the givens and am quite sure that fans of every possible kind of rock music will have a great time with this CD.

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