PN - From What Rivers Have To Offer

PN - From What Rivers Have To Offer

8 songs
33:52 minutes
***** ****


After Through Satin Veils Gropes Desire from 2006, From What Rivers Have To Offer is the second longplayer by Belgian postcore band PN. As in the past, the album is released by Belgian quality label Funtime which is run by some of the band members. This explains why PN don’t set themselves any stylistic limitations, allowing them to release a great album free of any constraints and compromises.

Their new CD starts rather quietly, but the opener Let The Muse Respond shows instantly that the band has still a fondness of hardcore, punk and metal. The song contains numerous mood shifts that should appeal to emo kids and the mosh crowd alike. The songs are performed mostly in a clean way and rarely have any jarring moments. Nevertheless there is still enough sense of dynamics and suspenseful setup to make listening a thrilling experience. The most unbridled track is doubtlessly How Can I Be You, which contains a stronger metalcore ratio but also slightly reminds of The Refused. More accessible sounds can be found on Favours And Favourites that has a more modern rock approach but also finds time for quieter moments. With its running time of nearly seven minutes, it’s the only longer piece on the album. The title track shows the band from its so far quietest side, with a slow buildup accompanied by piano sounds and melancholic vocal lines.

PN did everything right once again and have managed to craft a varied album, proving that even a small country like Belgium can boast a rich indie scene. The CD comes also in a limited edition with a wooden packaging reminding of a cigar box… As smoking is a stereotypical Belgian vice, I wonder if PN’s next album will come in a French Fries paper bag, to carry the joke even farther!

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