PN - The Art Of Being We

Pn - The Art Of Being We

6 songs
25:01 minutes
***** ****


When label owners have their own bands on their own label, I'm always very sceptical. Pn is a collective of people who are all associated with Funtime Records or Funtime magazine, so it was obvious that they would release their music on their own label, but it should not be forgotten that Pn have been around for 10 years already, and also that they are a great band that could have found a label also elsewhere probably.

It's really hard to describe Pn's style, as they combine a multitude of inspirations into a totally homogenous result. Modern hardcore would somehow fit, but actually not do them justice. At times the music is really melodic, with hypnotic vocals, just to burst into emotional eruptions a moment later. Then there's also a metallic edge to the music, without dominating the overall aspect though.

All in all you get the melodic intensity of bands like Linkin Park without the commercial sugarcoat, or the emotional breakdown of bands like Slipknot without the exaggerated theatratics. It's like all the good things that can be found in commercially successful bands have been distilled in these 25 minutes of high density melodic emo new school hardcore metal. For now, I only give 9 points, with the hope that a longplaying record will even top the genius of this modern masterpiece.

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