PNDC&HOUSEWORK - Moments Of Grey Forgettableness

PNDC&Housework - Moments Of Grey Forgettableness

12 songs
55:16 minutes
***** ***
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Starting their collaboration in 2006, PNDC from Serbia and Housework from Greece have already released two CDs and three EPs. Moments Of Grey Forgettableness, the newest addition to their mutual discography, is a compilation of sorts which contains Housework remixes of PNDC songs, some unreleased PNDC tracks, Housework originals with PNDC elements, and some more. An endeavour containing such different kinds of material could easily fail, but the two artists have made the unlikely happen, coming up with probably their strongest material so far.

The album begins with a remix of their hit song Punks On Diet, making for an easy, upbeat start into the hour long record. The following Dream About Love from their first common album has been merged with the Iron Butterfly classic In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, although the duo kept it well belowe the seventeen minutes of the seminal hippie cult song. Other highlights include The Buzz which has been remixed by Laurent_, adding a nice French electro touch. Properties, an unreleased piece, shows that the Southeast Europeans are not afraid of heavy, distorted guitars.

Moments Of Grey Forgettableness ultimately feels more like a regular album than a collection of shelved material, mostly because the songs all share the same dark atmosphere, even though they are by no means sounding the same. Stylistic boundaries are seemingly inexistent, the artists play around with dark wave, electro, rock and pop elements and come up with a pitch black masterpiece that is more original than most of their peers. The first half of the album is simply genial, the latter one can’t quite keep up, but this shouldn’t deter fans of dark, brooding music.

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