PNDC&HOUSEWORK - Nothing In The Sky

PNDC&housework - Nothing In The Sky

9 songs
39:27 minutes
***** ***
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It’s been two years since I last heard a collaborative effort by PNDC&housework. The two musicians from Serbia and Greece, who for all I know may never have met in the flesh, once again got together to record one of their albums by communicating musical ideas and fragments by the Internet. The last album was “only” a sort of rarities compilation, and furthermore I have never heard them on a record shorter than one hour, so I was intrigued how things would work out on Nothing In The Sky which by a hair’s breadth just doesn’t make it to forty minutes.

While the opener Tight Rope, which features a vocal sample by Shadowlike and some acoustic guitars by Scottish artist Harold Nono, is still quite an abstract piece of music, the following tracks show the duo from their most melodic and consequently accessible side yet. If I didn’t know any better, I occasionally would have guessed to be in the presence of a lost Bowie album from the late Seventies or early Eighties. Other images that float to mind are David Sylvian and even Nick Cage.

The regular instruments (guitar, bass and keyboards) take a major role in the songwriting, and the dark, slightly hushed vocals are simply exquisite. Apart from the last regular track Gentleman (One Equals), which is nearly eight minute long, the remaining songs all have quite normal lengths. This may rob the band of some of their experimental edge, but what remains is a perfect revival of the heydays of clinically cold dark wave pop from about thirty years ago. The duo may call their music “neu pop”, but in the end it does have an undeniable retro pop appeal.

In the past I was always quite fond of PNDC&housework’s albums, but Nothing In The Sky is even more enjoyable than anything else they have come up with so far. And best of all, they offer this record, and everything else they did together, for free on their Bandcamp page. Fans of slickly done neu pop therefore shouldn’t hesitate a single second to check out their rewarding music!

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