PNDC & HOUSEWORK - Secondhand Language

PNDC & Housework - Secondhand Language

13 songs
62:20 minutes
***** **


A little less than a year ago, I reviewed an album by Keep Away From Heat, a project by Serbian producer PNDC who seems to be quite a busy person as now he’s back with his second solo album… although it turns out to be not quite so “solo” after all. As is popular these days in the recording industry, he made a long-distance collaboration with Greek musician Housework. Having never met in real life, PNDC first wrote the songs and recorded the basic music tracks, which he then sent over to Housework who added guitars, vocals, synthesizers and melodica. Maybe it’s this collaborative spirit that makes Secondhand Language more accessible than what I heard from the Belgrade based artist on last year’s album.

PNDC & Housework create dark pop sounds that are rooted in the Eighties by sharing the cold atmospheres of that era. The synthesizers have a haunting quality, but the guitars take care to add a warmth that works as a welcome counterpoint, resulting in strangely beautiful songs that draw at times parallels to period David Bowie. A female guest vocalists called Shadowlike lends her voice to two songs, making for further variety.

Secondhand Language is definitely not aiming to reinvent dark wave pop, but the varied songwriting and the well chosen alternation between moodier and catchier songs allows it to keep the attention of anyone who likes his music slightly undercooled. The regular program ends after ten songs with the ten minute long The Fix, but two remixes (30.000 Feet by Laurent_ from France and Shut My Soul by Harold Nono from Scotland) and an alternative take of Goodnight add another quarter hour of different versions of the duo’s songs.

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