P.O. BOX - Rock My Reality

P.O. Box - Rock My Reality

7 songs
18:30 minutes
***** ****
Winged Skull


I average seeing about 50 shows each year, but somehow I managed to have never witnessed P.O. Box live, something I am not too proud of after listening repeated times to their debut EP. P.O. Box, from some place in France close to Luxembourg, play a kind of ska punk much different from the more roots sounding ska from Luxembourg (Toxkäpp, Kunn & The Magic Muffin). Depending on your musical preferences, this might come in handy or not. Apart from putting a certain emphasis on the punk part of the music, drifting somewhere between Rancid and Mighty Bosstones, P.O. Box never even start to neglect the ska part of their music, which is especially clear on the opener Bully, starting with a quote from the Charlie Chaplin movie "The Great Dictator", before developping into a rather slow ska song with amazing brass arrangements, unparalleled by any band in Luxembourg so far. This is not only sounding good, but also very professional from a composing point of view. The next two tracks Whatever They Said and Death Promises Me A Better Place are straighter, faster ska punk songs. The middle of the EP is taken up by the dubby instrumental As Time Flies By... with a nice and trippy Jamaican atmosphere. Two faster and shorter tracks follow, Diving and Broken Hearts & Credit Cards (the latter can be downloaded at the Winged Skull homepage), before the slower Strike Back ends an excellent and very promising debut.

If you have counted the songs, you will notice a certain symmetry in the positioning of the songs, with mellower stuff at the ends and in the middle, while the rocking faster songs are stuck in between. The fact that this is only a short 7 songs introduction to these French ska upstarts may be disappointed as it leaves you wanting for more, but then it's a perfect introduction to a truly gifted band that I try not to miss when they play live anytime soon.

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