THE POEM IS YOU - The Promised South

The Poem Is You - The Promised South

11 songs
37:36 minutes


The Poem Is You are a very young band, consisting of six ladies and gentlemen coming from Belgium, Germany and Massachusetts. The Western landscape on the cover hints already at the moderate musical approach where alternative folk and Americana are the main ingredients.

The professional approach considering songwriting and production make it hard to believe this is only their debut. The integration of untypical instruments like accordion, banjo and bassoon is a testimony for the band’s unorthodox approach. After the short intro, the first real song Emile convinces with quiet pop music carried by male and female vocals. The following numbers are even slower and focus more on traditional country elements. A little more power would have worked wonders! It gets worst with the dreary Midnight Train In F Major and The Ballad Of Old Harold which would be more fitting in a boy scout camp.

The Poem Is You are good at what they are doing, but I just can’t get into their mellow art. Apart from the two more pop sounding tracks Emile and Riots, and the title track which shares its atmosphere with the soundtrack from the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?, I remain rather indifferent toward this CD. There’s just not enough happening here. But fans of really quiet music might as well risk an ear.

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