Poison My Blood - Monuments

9 songs
35:48 minutes
***** **


Poison My Blood come from Belgium, a small country with an apparently huge hardcore scene. After a debut EP in 2006, the band was plagued by countless line-up changes, so that it took them until now to release Monuments, their first longplayer.

The nine mostly short songs sometimes verge into hardcore territory, then back again into metalcore, but always sound very mean. Despite the many brutal and grooving parts that keep a healthy balance, Poison My Blood are often able to create complex structures that are rather unheard of in this genre. They also add many changes of pace. Parallels can be drawn to Misery Signals, Shai Hulud and Twelve Tribes, all of them influences for the Belgians. As much as I praise their talent and pioneer spirit, I deplore the undifferentiated vocal performance that pulls down the generally high quality level.

Despite all of this, I am still convinced that Poison My Blood have chosen the right path. They are extremely motivated and at times even set themselves apart from the genre typical clichés. The usual childhood diseases of course still need to be taken care of, but once they are over that, we should expect a lot from Poison My Blood.

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