Poison The Well - Versions

12 songs
41:58 minutes
***** *****


Sometimes promising indie bands are signed by major labels, and dropped immediately after one album only, because of disappointing album sales. Poison The Well did well on their one-off major stint, selling 130.000 copies of their last album, but creative differences made them sign to the independent Ferret label again. This was a chance movement for them, because Poison The Well are not only one of the most important metalcore bands, but they also show on their new release Versions that they are not willing to continue the genre's boring dead-end schemes. In fact Versions can hardly be qualified with trendy words anymore, instead Poison The Well concoct a delicious cocktail with ingredients like post-hardcore, metallic postrock and dark doom sounds, and the occasional addition of genre-untypical instruments (mandolin, horns, banjo, mellotron,...) make Versions even stranger.

Such a strong will to experiment could go awry very quickly, but Poison The Well always manage to keep a homogenous sound throughout their twelve songs. Be it the wild guitars on the opener and first single Letter Thing, or the elegiac Slow Good Morning, you will never cease to be delighted by this utmost original new-metal album. Crazy southern rock guitar rides are taken over by atmospheric ambient doom parts, just to be replaced by symphonic darkness, making Versions a true rollercoaster of the soul. Such a progressive mindset, with a vision oriented only towards the future, makes this a maximum rated album. Extraordinary!

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