POLAR BEAR CLUB - Sometimes Things Just Disappear

Polar Bear Club - Sometimes Things Just Disappear

10 songs
39:45 minutes
***** ***
Red Leader


Internet search engines may direct you at first to a Quebec based wellness centre, but Polar Bear Club is also the name of an American emo band, which sounds already more promising. I instantly liked the colourful cover artwork, which made me put their CD quickly into my stereo, having me listen to it already a couple of times.

Polar Bear Club are an emo band of the better kind, and might be compared to the likes of Hot Water Music, BoySetsFire and Samiam, although the New Yorkers are much more than just copycats. They managed gracefully on their debut to come up with suspenseful melodies that capture the listener from the start. Some tracks, like Hollow Place, Our Ballads and Heart Attack At Thirty, are quite catchy and would be ideal to be released as singles. No matter if you like it quieter, as on Convinced I’m Wrong, or if you prefer their harder side (As ‘twere The Mirror), the music is always played with intensity and knows to excite. Although the vocals are, in accordance with the songwriting, quite harmonic, they never sound whiny but instead very powerful.

Sometimes Things Just Disappear is a really strong emo album which is not exclusively aimed at a teenage clientele. Mature fans will see that even they can still have a good time with emo music.

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