POLAROID LIQUIDE - Polaroid Liquide

Polaroid Liquide - Polaroid Liquide

10 songs
48:52 minutes
***** ***


Berlin likes to give itself the flair of an innovative city, but to be sincere, I hardly ever hear anything that special from the German capital. But then I have never encountered Polaroid Liquide before. This four-piece, consisting of two men and two sisters, sharing vocal duties among three members, are not necessarily original, but they combine different elements so unconventionally that I found myself flabbergasted more than once. If you want to oversimplify things, you can call their sound postrock with vocals, but then that doesn’t do them justice in the least. You might compare them to Hamburg legend Ostzonensuppenwürfelmachenkrebs who haven’t been active in the last ten years. So this parallel might as well be coincidental. Other times the angular stream of consciousness art rock of The Fall is noticeable, then they add elements of ancient kraut rock and slightly feel like early Seventies Amon Düül II. Their more chaotic psyche rock moments could be glimpsed from Gallon Drunk on a more coherent day. Contemporary postrock influences from Mogwai to the more epic American school seem to have left their mark too.

Polaroid Liquide are a young band with a tremendous amount of potential, which can best be heard on the phenomenal Song For Ti Jean where they just do everything correctly, and a whole album with songs like this would have catapulted it into my year’s top ten, but then at times the band is still a bit shaky, leave steady ground and try the unexpected, which always is good for nice moments, but also often sees the band a little lost, as on the long opener Quiet For The Start, which is very quiet indeed for an opener.

In the end, the good wins over the bad, because Polaroid Liquide dare to do their very own thing. Sure enough, they have their influences and don’t hide them, but the final result always has you wondering where this or that could have come from, making thus their self-titled debut album a rather unique item in a jungle of releases that too often sound the same, also in Berlin. This young band is definitely worth checking out.

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