POOBALLS - Still Burning

Pooballs - Still Burning

11 songs
47:51 minutes
Finest Noise


I have to admit that the Pooballs from Berlin have chosen a funny band name. A first glance had me read Poolballs and leaving me in frustration looking for a homepage. But let’s face it: it wouldn’t have been a catastrophe, as I can’t claim to really get into the material on Still Burning.

As far as I know, Still Burning is their debut that they recorded more or less by themselves. The sound quality ranges from ok to awful, which is really a shame. The quality of the songs is also anything but stable. They are oscillating between pop and rock, trying to add an alternative flair. Pooballs somehow remind me of German rock band Pothead who also have transgressed their zenith many years ago and of whom I haven’t heard in quite some time. The quiet parts also allow comparisons to Nickelback, which should not be considered a compliment. At least there are a couple of more upbeat tracks, which is a small ray of hope. Especially the short and dirty Rock’n’Roll, reminding me of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and Down To Earth, a tribute to the German noise rock scene, manage to stand out. Loose My Mind, with its orthographically incorrect title, has nothing to show up and is one of the weakest tracks featured. The remaining material is beyond good and evil. The songs are not truly bad, but just feel terribly uninspired and therefore don’t really entertain. The guitar solos also don’t seem to work, even though they are quite abundant, which is strange, considering that Pooballs don’t want to come across as a classic hard rock band.

Average instrumentation, uninspired songwriting, thin production: these are three arguments that make it hard for Pooballs to make it big with Still Burning. The best thing about this band is its name, but that’s not enough to keep them on my radar.

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