POOSTOSH - Herbarium

Poostosh - Herbarium

14 songs
58:02 minutes
***** **


Named after the Russian word for an uncultivated plot, this Russian three-piece has been creating, with the help of some of their friends, from scratch sonic elaborations that may have some parallels to the post rock genre, but which evokes a much closer vicinity to soundtrack compositions.

Formed in the early years of the new millennium, Poostosh from Moscow released their debut Untime on their own and same titled record label in 2005. Four years later they are back with their second CD Herbarium, and haven’t really changed their approach. The fourteen featured tracks are without an exception short – between two and six minutes long – elaborations on different ideas, themes and moods. Fittingly the beautiful digipak gives information about who plays what instrument or handles what tool for every single piece. Don’t expect anything accessible though. It all feels remotely song-like, but generally Poostosh opt for unusual sound cocktails that range from the melancholic to the smartly witty. The latter is best proven by odd song titles like the opener Overjoyed To Hear The New Poostosh Album and Information Pressure Doesn’t Affect An Eagle.

After a short hour, this strange sonic excursion comes to an end and leaves me with mixed feelings. You can’t deny the inventive richness hidden within Herbarium, and given enough time and attention span, the dedicated listener with a taste for the bizarre will discover many amazing ideas that recall Pink Floyd during their most experimental phase. But if you decide to listen to the album without giving it the necessary concentration, it will run by like background music, hardly revealing all its qualities. The strange instrumentation (lots of melodica, moody synthesizers, accordion,…) gives the songs a distinct sound, yet one that is far away from a regular person’s listening customs. Those into experimentalism and enough time to spare should enjoy the crazy musical universe of Poostosh!

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