PORTÉ DISPARU - Marche rapide

Porté Disparu - Marche rapide

12 songs
40:04 minutes
***** ***


Quebec has always had its own culture, as an island of French speaking people inside a continent which is otherwise dominated by the English language. A couple of years ago, a young band started as Pure Random but decided soon after to return to its linguistic roots and renamed themselves Porté Disparu. So far, so good! Trying to reach as many people as possible with their music but also aware that this would only be possible with a high quality product, they took their time and resources until their debut Marche Rapide finally saw the light of day in early 2009. Instead of signing to a label or selling the CD from their homepage, they decided to offer it as a free download.

Of course, in times where more and more net labels use that modus operandi, you may wonder how the potential band will discover this band, but as most freely available music is of the electronic persuasion, we can only hope that their Myspace advertisement campaign will help them to get the message out to as many people as possible. Porté Disparu would deserve success, because their first album convinced with twelve excellent pop punk songs with French lyrics. The opener Porté disparu instantly shows off the band’s trademark style. Clearly understandable vocals accompany melodic punk rock songs that never rely on juvenile patterns. Instead the Canadians have a fondness for crunchy power pop that makes for a more mature sound. The album’s highlight comes with the critical Ô Québec, a punk rock anthem that should move the hearts of many listeners. Porté Disparu are always best when their songs exceed the four minute border, allowing them to elaborate on their ingenious songwriting.

It’s hard to guess if English speaking people will care for a French singing punk rock band, but they should, otherwise they risk missing out on a really promising newcomer band. Everybody else who’s into punk and rock music should definitely check out Porté Disparu’s website and download this free-of-charge album that is actually much better than many hyped pseudo-punk records that are being hyped nowadays. Hats off to a band that chooses this courageous way to promote their music in a time where more and more wannabe rock stars consider suing downloaders who they blame for their lack of success. If there is any fairness in the world, Porté Disparu will prove that their way will lead them to their deserved success. Not getting Marche rapide would therefore be a grave mistake for every fan of high quality punk rock music.

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