POSHBLOKES - ...And Here's The Forecast

Poshblokes - ...And Here's The Forecast

12 songs
28:57 minutes
***** ****
Winged Skull


A lot has happened since the Poshblokes have released their debut: they got a new vocalist, they have been touring very intensively, and they must have reflected on their style. Otherwise I can't explain how a band that sounded charming but also somehow primitive has evolved into the best hardcore band Luxembourg has to offer, and that in the course of one year only.

The band name is of course no indication of their style, and if you expect street punk here, you will be disappointed. But then it would also be wrong to say that the Poshblokes abandoned their punk style entirely, they rather enriched it with early 80s hardcore sounds. The two things that first catch you is the higher speed of the songs and the much better vocals. Especially the latter have a charismatic snottiness that is reminding more than once of American hardcore bands from 20 years ago. Where the first album just made an overall good impression, you will get this time real hit songs that you will remember when you go to a concert. Oh Lord, Liberate and the new version of Tchernobyl are among the best you will ever hear from a local band.

At the end of the CD, the band even experiments with Indian music courtesy of Gilles from the Kitshickers. The album clocks in just under half an hour, but then good hardcore albums don't have to be long. The only reason I don't give the maximum rating is because the Poshblokes are even wilder on the live stage. The production is very good, but not as good as on a great concert day. If Petrograd can be considered best band when it comes to melodic punk, dEFDUMp when it comes to emo core, then the Poshblokes are certainly the best old school hardcore punk in Luxembourg. An album you absolutely must have.

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