POSHBLOKES - No Time To Fight

Poshblokes - No Time To Fight

14 songs
29:25 minutes
***** ***

There's a massive street punk revival going on in Luxembourg. A bunch of youngsters have reconsidered the roots of the punk movement, and their snottiness is bringing a new current into the punk scene. The Rejects and The Poshblokes are the two most important of these bands, and the latter have released their debut CD No Time To Fight. Instead of putting a lot of money into 4-colour artwork and a professionally manufactured CD, they decided on recording in a renowned studio in Brussels... the same where the Skinflicks have recorded some of their stuff.

The Poshblokes are still a very young band, which you notice when listening to the CD. The songwriting is sometimes bumpy, although charming overall, and it might be this inexperience which puts the true spirit into the CD. Listening once to it, and you might get a stale impression, but keep it on repeat run, and you will grow fonder and fonder of it.

The songs are short and fast, the vocals have the right amount of snottiness, and all instruments have the same recording volume, although at moments it sounds as if they are not totally in phase. Again that's a charming punk thing, and if there's one thing I really want to criticise, then it's the rather thin drum sounds. That's something the boys should work on.

Up 'til then 8 big punky points and a link to their homepage, where you can also download one of their songs.

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