Potentia Animi - Psalm II

13 songs
45:52 minutes
***** ***
Staupa / Metal Blade


Potentia Animi released their debut Das erste Gebet in 2004. Their new CD Psalm II has again a religious title which can give you the impression that Potentia Animi are a Christian band. But this is not at all the case. A closer look at the cover shows a highly pregnant nun. Potentia Animi are a brotherhood of monks and Bruder Liebe used to be in the past the drummer of the successful German band Inchtabokatables.

The album begins will a church bell intro and the first song Ave Maria shows a churchy atmosphere, and even if Christians may like the music, the lyrics about the lonely life in a monastery won't be up to their taste. Potentia Animi combine Gregorian chants with modern styles like rock (Eifersucht), hip hop (Qui Per Mundum) and even techno (Viva La More).

Fortunately Potentia Animi don't limit their music to monk chants. Anima Et Animus has fantastic choirs that make me think of the religious Danielson Famile. Other songs have bagpipes, putting them in the neighbourhood of In Extremo. Another parallel between both bands is the habit to sing in Latin and other old languages, but it wouldn't be fair to dismiss them as a clone. Slower songs on the record are the Celtic sounding Mon Major (my least favourite track), the medieval pop song Ewigkeit and the ballad Bettelweib.

Potentia Animi have shown that medieval rock is still exciting, but in general, I prefer their experimental or harder songs to their slower ones.

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