Poverty’s No Crime - Save My Soul

10 songs
53:37 minutes
***** *


After a longer break, German prog metal band Poverty’s No Crime is back with their sixth album Save My Soul. After a short intro, the band comes forth with a couple of tracks that are so catchy that they can hardly be defined as progressive anymore. Producer Tommy Newton has taken care that the band has a big and transparent sound, where especially the guitars and the drums provide the necessary heaviness. Unfortunately Poverty’s No Crime have a vocalist who destroys many good accents with his rather nasal voice. But that’s probably a question of taste, otherwise I can’t explain why their label has been holding on to them for the last eight years.

The absolute low point comes with the ballad The Key To Creativity. With rock music not that present on major radio stations anymore, I wonder who, apart from their mothers and girlfriends, will appreciate such a schmaltzy song. The second half of the CD is a little better, with the band finally concentrating on their more progressive side, without trying to provide every song with a charts compatible chorus. In The Wait Loop is a nicely complex song, and the instrumental Spellbound gives me a deserved break from the vocalist. The album ends with the nine minute epic Break The Spell, probably to prove themselves that they can still write long songs.

Save My Soul is a technically perfect album, but makes me wonder why such an output is still labelled progressive. I admire the band for its deep lyrics that go further than those of the majority of other artists. But I would admire them even more if their vocalist had more power in his voice, and the songs wouldn’t try so hard to please everyone. Because of the substantially better second half, this is still slightly an above average release, but Poverty’s No Crime still have to work hard to reach the level of the top prog bands like Dream Theater and Symphony X.

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