POWERGOD - Nemesis

Powergod - Nemesis

10 songs
43:22 minutes
***** ****


Nemesis (Evilution Part III) was not an instant favourite with me. After Evilution I and II, Powergod surprised with the awesome Bleed For The Gods compilation album which was the coolest tribute to the metal Eighties I ever heard and therefore was awarded the maximum rating.

No surprise that their new album, released only 6 months after the covers album, gave me a hard time in the beginning. Not that Powergod are bad songwriters, but it's close to impossible to top an album with only hits.

Powergod took the right track and instead of trying to play a couple of mid tempo true metal hymns, they chose a rockier road and released an album with 10 songs that are rather weird for a so called true metal band. In fact the songs sound very dark and threatening, the structures are unusual, to say the least. For instance Courtroom Of Traitors is one of the fiercest metal songs you will ever hear from a non-thrash band, and the long epic Evilution Part III reminds of an operatic King Diamond on really spacey mushrooms. Apart from that songs, you more or less only get shorter songs, which prevents any kind of boredom.

This is an album you have to listen to several times before it will kickstart the adrenaline in your brain, but once you're there, you don't want to go back again. No maximum rating this time (hey, it can't be Sunday every day), but 9 points for a metal band that knows how to draw a bridge between tradition and contemporariness.

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