POWERS COURT - The Red Mist Of Endenmore

Powers Court - The Red Mist Of Endenmore

12 songs
43:25 minutes


Powers Court from the USA are one of the longest acting metal band, as they were founded already in 1990. But they have never been busy. Their first CD saw the light of day in 1006, and the predecessor of their new and third album was also already released seven years ago.

The Red Mist Of Endenmore is the musical accompaniment of a novel which vocalist Dannie Powers has written. Apart from the gift of being an author, she also has a vocal range of four and a half octaves. This is very impressive, but at times shown off too extremely. On There Once Was A Time, she sounds somewhat like Cher during her vocalizer era. On the following Vain Regrets, she reminds me of a female Klaus Nomi. Her voice is often exaggeratedly high and shrill, making it hard to bear it.

From a musical point of view, the band is still retro and reminds of early Savatage (Sirens) and Fates Warning $ (Night On Bröcken). The production feels surprisingly flat, which was maybe standard practice twenty years ago, but you’d expect more these days. Powers Court’s main problem is a not too engaging songwriting which could have been hidden by a fatter sound. The band always seems to start out fine but then seems to be at a loss for igniting ideas. Guitar and bass are handled excellently, but the drum sound lacks substance, which is a major problem for this kind of music. The bonus track Cold Day In Hell manages to be my favourite, making me wonder why this song had to be put to the end of the CD.

It’s hard to rate this album. There are certainly strong moments, but there are similar bands that just convince me more. Also I have a vague memory that the predecessor Nine Kinds Of Hell was a better album. As I believe that Powers Court have this time not given everything they can, I remain with a neutral five beyond good and evil.

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