POWER QUEST - Master Of Illusion

Power Quest - Master Of Illusion

10 songs
50:02 minutes
***** ***


Power Quest, a power metal band consisting of three Italians and two Englishmen, have just released their fourth CD. I haven’t heard of them before, but their new album should change that. Master Of Illusion is not an instant pleaser, as the best material comes towards the end, but it unravels more qualities after each listening.

The band starts with the uncompromising opener Cemetary Gates, which delivers full speed guitar riffs located somewhere between early Helloween and melodic metal. The keyboards play a leading role and never disturb the sound. Instead they add a progressive touch, similarities to Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica coming to mind.

The first three tracks are actually typical epic power metal, well played and produced. Kings Of Eternity is the first song where the band displays their full potential by adding a healthy dose of pathos. The following title track overwhelms with its dramatic power. The next three songs surprise with vocal lines whose harmonies are hard to surpass. The change from normal to high vocals works without a glitch. Of course this is pure kitsch, but that’s the intended effect and therefore desirable. The final Never Again continues this epic direction, reminding of Freedom Call.

Power Quest managed to recruit many illustrious guest musicians from Firewind, Threshold, Pagan’s Mind, Cellador and Fourwaykill. Master Of Illusion is a power metal highlight, and those who have a sense of humour will certainly adore this album. The lame cover artwork and the too classical beginning prevent me from giving a higher rating though. If the entire album had the quality of everything following the first three songs, a maximum rating could have been possible.

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