POWERWOLF - Preachers Of The Night

Powerwolf - Preachers Of The Night

11 songs
41:33 minutes
***** ***


Preachers Of The Night is the fifth album by German metal band Powerwolf. After four albums on Metal Blade, they switched over to Napalm, although this shouldn’t mean that you should expect any musical changes, even though the band plays now with a new guitarist and drummer.

Some might accuse the band of stagnating, and they are not even wrong about that, but there will still be many people enamoured with Powerwolf’s successful epic metal full of rousing hymns, sing-along choruses and a heavy dose of pathos. I locate myself somewhere between the two factions. It is a fact that there are hardly bands with such a flair for catchy songwriting, free of commercial and soft parts. Vocalist Attila Dorn is by no means just a shimmering personality, as his operatic performance is one of the most distinctive and recognisable voices of the worldwide metal circus. It is time and again astonishing how he manages to hit the high registers without ever missing a tone. Also one shouldn’t forget that there is more to Powerwolf than just the outstanding vocals. They are also able to write amazing songs. The festive Sacred & Wild is for instance a track that is destined to become a part of the band’s future live set. Some novelty comes on the dark Kreuzfeuer, which sees Attila singing in German for the first time. And although there are no weak tracks, I have to point out that too many songs use a similar formula.

As there is hardly any progress to their last album, I decided to give Preachers Of The Night one point less. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t like the album. As far as I am concerned, Powerwolf leave more established bands like Blind Guardian and Gamma Ray looking pale. It even seems as if the general public became aware of Powerwolf with this new album that surprisingly made it to the very top of the German album charts. I for one definitely am happy that the quintet achieved their finally deserved success.

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