P. PAUL FENECH 666 - Skitzofenech

P. Paul Fenech 666 - Skitzofenech

14 songs
58:22 minutes
***** ***
People Like You


P. Paul Fenech, better known as the vocalist of psychobilly band The Meteors, must suffer from a pathological kind of workaholism. The Meteors have released, since their inception in 1980, already more than twenty records, and Skitzofenech is already Mr Fenech’s seventh solo album.

The reason for his solo outings can be explained by the artist’s calmer side. The albums released under his own name allow him to play more relaxed material which would be unthinkable from the Meteors. He still remains a rough guy though, displaying many different facets, from classic psychobilly over surf and country to horror punk. You can’t complain about monotony, but it still takes some stamina to listen to Fenech’s raspy voice for an entire hour. Highlights are the Tarantino like That’s Mean Of You Baby, So Goddamned Hot (with a great female guest vocalist) and the Johnny Cash cover version Ring Of Fire. There are no truly weak tracks, only the excessive length diminishes the listening experience a little.

Less is sometimes more, and the album would have been more concise, had it been a quarter hour shorter. P. Paul Fenech fans won’t be bothered by this though and devour eagerly another lesson in psychobilly from their master.

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