Predominant Lunatics - Hoping For Dusk

7 songs
30:32 minutes
***** ***


Cover photography, band name and all black clothes made me guess that I had to do with a dark wave gothic doom metal band, so I was pleasantly surprised when the opener An Open Book gave us, instead of noise and growls, soothing undistorted guitars and a very expressive vocalist. The song even comes with a memorable chorus, complete with striking female vocals. From there on, it's half an hour of melodic and melancholic pop music, constantly on a very high level, with the band watching out never to let the songs fall flat. OK, the album could have been longer, but this concise approach guarantees no boring moments. Apart from the opener, I recommend strongly the romantic Snowgirl.

Predominant Lunatics call their genre moll pop, which is a very fitting description, as the constant use of the minor key pervades their music with a sincerely sad atmosphere. The roots of the Swiss four-piece go back to golden eighties, when The Cure and memories of Joy Division were creating a genre now commonly related to as wave pop. I confess I have never been a fan of these bands, and therefore didn't notice the parallels immediately, but rather felt strongly reminded of The Legendary Pink Dots (mostly because of the vocals), who also had a psychedelic take at wave music. What makes PL stand apart from many 80s-inspired bands at the moment is my probably subjective impression that PL's love of the 80s is genuine, and they pay tribute to a style by using a more rock based instrumentation of guitar, bass and vocals, where a lot of hype bands at the moment emphasise form very strongly by totally neglecting content. Predominant Lunatics will face a hard stand: their music isn't happy enough to get them to be played on top 40 stations, they may be too mellow for gothic and wave metal fans. Their convincing song writing and the relatively high originality should still make them interesting to those interested in melancholodic (ok, I just made that word up) pop music.

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