Predominant Lunatics - Thirteen Lost Souls

13 songs
54:32 minutes
***** *


Three years ago I first reviewed an EP by Swiss dark pop band Predominant Lunatics, and now they are back with a new album and single release (Cosmic Trip). Back then I wrote a favourable review, so why do I have my problems with their full length album? Maybe because their music worked better on a shorter time span? I don’t know, and although the first few times I was appalled by the general softness of their approach, I decided to give the boys a couple more rotations, and now, after about three hours non-stop exposure to Thirteen Lost Souls, I have finally come to the conclusion that this is not a bad album at all, but the band makes it really hard to pin them down to a certain genre. They are not dark enough for a gothic band, not cold enough for a wave band, not loud enough for a rock band. So maybe they sound like The Cure with a happier Robert Smith? I am no specialist in this genre, but singer Marco Finsterwald, with his slightly lisping vocals, has acoustic similarities with Edward Ka-Spel, making Predominant Lunatics a light version of The Legendary Pink Dots, without the mysticism of course.

Like their predecessor, the Swiss band doesn’t make it easy for their audience. Sitting between all known musical chairs and still not sounding avant-garde, you have to invest enough time and patience to unlock the secrets of their music. In times where we are flooded with new music like never before, we rarely are ready to do this. You might be rewarded in this case though.

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