PRETTY MAIDS - Planet Brutality

Pretty Maids - Planet Brutality

10 songs
41:50 minutes
***** **

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In the mid-Eighties, the Pretty Maids were known as a quite popular poser metal band. During the years they developed into a rock band that can be taken seriously. Meanwhile they have released their 15th album called Planet Brutality and I think that it's better than the predecessor Carpe Diem. The opener Virtual Brutality is not only the best track on the CD, but a real smasher. Quite unusual to hear the Pretty Maids playing solid rock with so much bombast and effects. The vocal harmonizers return on several songs and give the Pretty Maids another very interesting and new aspect. Although powerful and hooky rock songs form the typical Pretty Maids sound, they surprise with some slower and melodic songs as He Who Never Lived. But sometimes they are too little metal and a song like Natural High is just too commercial and sounding like Kenny G. with vocals. Nevertheless, Planet Brutality is a high quality rock album, although two songs are just too slow for me. But it is anyway interesting to follow how the Pretty Maids developed through the years.

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