PRIVATE ANGEL - Selling Off Time In Wonderland

Private Angel - Selling Off Time In Wonderland

18 songs
69:42 minutes
Point Music


Most of the time I can become really annoyed when I don't like an album. With Private Angel's second CD in twenty-seven years, it's rather the opposite: I somehow feel a degree of pity. Here we have six people probably all over forty years old, who play their music for the fun of it, and then even manage to pack eighteen songs on an album. And that's already my first problem. So yes, it's been seven years since their debut, but why flood people with seventy minutes of music, especially when a more concise approach would have been much more effective?

Then of course, their music is strongly rooted in Seventies hardrock, with a strong emphasis on Deep Purple's earthy rock sound. There are bands who manage to bring that sound alive in the new millennium, but Private Angel lack the vision to transport the sound into a more contemporary setting, instead they come across as a group of townspeople getting together to play their favourite songs.

In the end it all sounds very provincial, well meant, with only good intentions in their minds, I am sure of that. Even the lyrics have a social awareness to them which is rare in today's hedonistic rock'n'roll movement. Unfortunately, good will is not enough if you want to win people over with your music. And if you care to check what other online reviewers think of Private Angel, I am not even alone with my opinion.

Next time, limit yourself to ten or twelve songs, try to get a more modern sound, keep your interesting lyrics, maybe a little less ballads and we can double the score.

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