PROCESS - Through Acknowledgement Only

Process - Through Acknowledgement Only

8 songs
30:19 minutes
***** ***
Human Sacrifice


It’s hard to believe that Danish metal band Process has been around for over twenty years already. They haven’t actually been busy when it comes to recording. After two demos in 1999 and 2003, Through Acknowledgement Only is their first longplayer, and with only half an hour length, one can’t say that is has turned out too generous.

The band started in the thrash metal genre, but since then have turned themselves to melodic death metal. At The Gates and Lamb Of God are quoted as major influences, which is easy to believe. The opener Detached From Life shows from the start how the band is able to combine brutality with speed without every losing control. Especially their shorter tracks under four minutes are very fast and still quite complex. The vocals have found an ideal balance between growls and clean parts. And also from a musical perspective, the band works hard not to create the same old stuff. Occasionally we get metalcore and nu metal influences, although the band never turns its back to their chosen death metal genre. All of the songs take advantage of a high degree of dynamics and therefore never feel boring. A little different is the five minute long Human Sacrifice, a slower track that still doesn’t lose any of the band’s trademark brutality. This song is so chock-full of ideas that it might be mistaken for a Devin Townsend composition.

Process show that Denmark has much more to offer than just Volbeat, even though it would be futile to compare those two very different bands. If you are in the mood for an entertaining death metal album brimming with ideas, then Through Acknowledgment Only is just right for you. But I am certain that these guys are talented enough to release more music soon.

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