Project Butch - Advance

11 songs
23:12 minutes


Fetuxion, who have been reviewed on this site only a couple of hours earlier, are one of the most extreme bands I have ever come across. Therefore it may be quite a surprise when you are first confronted to Project Butch, which is one half of this killer two-piece laying off all kind of speed drums and guitars, and thus concentrating on keyboard layered soundtrack music.

As a matter of fact, Fetuxion are not only fans of gore movies, but even work at their own first semi-professional movie at this time. Which makes it only logical that one of these guys puts part of his creativity into the direction of spooky instrumental music. The atmosphere is totally dark, but always - in my opinion - with the same sense of black humour you get when you watch early Peter Jackson movies, like you know that something bad is going to happen soon, but at least it will be all splattery and gory and not to be taken too seriously.

The negative aspect of this CD-advance is that the pieces don't work too well as stand-alone tracks, and are truly destined to be used as background music for their movie projects. All in all an interesting if not indispensable piece of work that shows that Morku Productions are ambitious in the field of music as well as in the field of motion pictures. For more information, you have to contact the label.

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