PRO-PAIN - Absolute Power

Pro-Pain - Absolute Power

10 songs
37:37 minutes
***** ***


Pro-Pain from New York certainly don’t need any further introduction. The band has been active for nearly two decades, and Absolute Power is already their twelfth studio album. Hardly any other band is able to combine hardcore and thrash metal in such an effective way without having to be labelled a metalcore act.

Don’t expect any big innovations on this new CD, which has still turned out to be a very entertaining enterprise. Like we are used from the quartet, we get a lot of anger straight from their guts, but I still get time impression that they their songwriting is more melodic than in the past. Especially the guitar solos on Destroy The Enemy and Road To Nowhere feel unfamiliar. Gone Rogue is also a spectacular example of melodic thrash metal that doesn’t display any hardcore roots. But fans of the old Pro-Pain also get their money’s worth. Hate Coalition is classic emotion fuelled hardcore, and AWOL sees the band acting as brutally as in their early days. The groove parts haven’t been forgotten either, as can be heard on Rise Of The Antichrist. The fast Stand My Ground even features Destruction’s Schmier on guest vocals.

Absolute Power could have come with two or three additional tracks to pad the album to a more acceptable length, but fans of metal and hardcore should still be satisfied with what they get here. Pro-Pain definitely don’t display any signs of ageing and I am certain that on stage these songs are able create sweat drenched mosh pits.

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