THE PROPHECY 23 - ...To The Pit

The Prophecy 23 - ...To The Pit

13 songs
46:11 minutes
***** ***


The Prophecy 23, a thrash metal band from Heilbronn, has been around for nearly a decade, even though …To The Pit is so far only the quintet’s second longplayer. The album title should be considered programmatic, because we get a three quarters of an hour long time travel into the heydays of thrash metal.

The robust opener B.T.M. stands for Brutal Thrash Maniacs, and this is a perfect indicator for what to expect from the Germans. The songs are steaming full force ahead, delivering a nonstop onslaught of far riffs. Sometimes the band is acting more brutally, at other times they rely on stomping grooves. No corner of the thrash metal repertoire is being spared, and even the occasionally clumsy vocals have an undeniable charm. I feel mostly reminded of bands from the late Eighties like Sacred Reich and Nuclear Assault. The darker 23 Thrash B.C. could even pass as a tribute to Carnivore. Even better is Surf Nazis Must Die, a homage to a trashy movie, that even contains a funny surf rock part.

I am certain that The Prophecy 23 have not yet reached their zenith, but …To The Pit reveals already a tremendous amount of potential. I can imagine that these guys have no problems getting mosh pits started during their live shows. Fans of old school thrash metal are definitely at the right address!

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