PROTECTOR - Reanimated Homunculus

Protector - Reanimated Homunculus

10 songs
37:35 minutes
***** ***
High Roller


Protector are of the classic bands of the German thrash metal movement. Their most popular album was Golem (1988), which came out just when I reached adulthood and left a lasting impression on me. Two further albums followed this debut, but the band’s star was already sinking. After twenty years of little activity, with only occasional demos and compilations proving that the band was still around, Protector have released their comeback album Reanimated Homunculus, continuing exactly where they have left two decades earlier.

The only remaining founding member is vocalist Martin Missy. He lives currently in Sweden and has reactivated the band with three native musicians. His voice is quite rough and would also be suitable for a death metal band. The songs are played fittingly fast and wild, and contain a lot of guitar solos, just as in the past. Despite their love for speed, the band is unafraid of pace changes, allowing for more rhythmic parts that are no less brutal. Parallels to the pioneering German thrash metal bands like Destruction, Sodom and Assassin are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean that Protector are not inspired. I recommend the chaotic Lycopolis and the extremely brutal Antiman. Another highlight is the quietly starting title track which becomes spicier by the minute. I can imagine that the old Celtic Frost have left their traces here. The production does not pass current standards, but that might have been the intention. Thus Protector have managed to create an authentic sounding album that recalls the good, old times, even if the record could have turned out a little longer.

All of these tracks have been featured on demos that the band has released in the recent past. But as one can assume that the most of the target audience are unfamiliar with those rare items, Reanimated Homunculus does offer ten perfect reasons to purchase this comeback album which leaves the impression that the last quarter century never happened. Those of you who liked the band back then, and everybody else who’s into crunchy old-school thrash metal, absolutely have to grab a copy of this album.

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