PSYCHOPUNCH - Kamikaze Love Reducer

Psychopunch - Kamikaze Love Reducer

10 songs
41:50 minutes
***** *


Sweden's Psychopunch surprised me a lot with their previous CD Smashed On Arrival which was a master piece of punk'n'roll. So I was eager to listen to their sixth record Kamikaze Love Reducer. Again the cover artwork is adorned by a bikini girl, this time dressed like a sailor and perfect for every hetero Turbonegro fan.

Unfortunately the new record disappointed me very much. First of all, the differences between the last album and this one aren't too obvious. Secondly the album begins quite strong, but especially in the middle, there are too many tracks suffering from a rather low songwriting level. Two Empty Hands and Someone Like You are tracks you have already heard too often before and worst of all is When This World Is Dying which could go through as a Guns'n'Roses ballad. Another boring song is the last one on the record called The Black River Song, sounding like an Irish hymn sung by very tired men.

It's difficult to understand why the album contains so many blackouts, especially as Psychopunch still know to rock. The opener Poison Alley Groove is a direct and snotty song which puts you immediately in the right mood for more like this. On the next two songs (Overrated, Everlasting), they prove that they have a sense for melodies and that their choruses are an invitation to sing along. The highlight of the album is On The Stereo, a song which several times changes from faster to slower parts in an unexpected way.

Psychopunch have shown on Kamikaze Love Reducer that they still know to combine the punky and melodic parts of rock music. Unfortunately they don't do it often enough in a convincing way and this album, even if it's played raw and dirty, is ultimately a disappointment.

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