PSYCHOPUNCH - Smashed On Arrival

Psychopunch - Smashed On Arrival

12 songs
52:10 minutes
***** ***


No other nation knows better how to rock than Sweden. Psychopunch just released their fifth album Smashed On Arrival although I never heard of them before. It's incredible how these four guys combine raw metal elements with dirty punk rock riffs. Songs like Nothing Ever Dies and Hard To Belong show a strong Motörhead influence, although Psychopunch have a more melodic attitude, drawing parallels to Gluecifer, Hellacopters, etc. They even dare to put slight country elements into some songs, like Dying In Your Dream. There are also some retro elements; if Status Quo still had balls, they could have written a song like Just A Little Bit Down. It's just unbelievable that Psychopunch have released five CDs in five years and still have the energy to create fresh and snotty songs. They are ready to challenge established bands like the Backyard Babies or the Hellacopters, and even Social Distortion should pay attention to the hottest rock export from Sweden. Everyone who likes the aforementioned artists should also like Psychopunch.

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