PSYCROPTIC - Symbols Of Failure

Psycroptic - Symbols Of Failure

11 songs
46:07 minutes
***** ***


There's a first time for everything. Apart from Errol Flynn, I can't think of any major important figure coming from Tasmania that also made an impact in Europe. Even psychedelic indie rockers Able Tasmans were from New Zealand. But now we have the pleasure to meet Psycroptic, an extremely brutal and technically very proficient death metal band from this island state 200 kilometres south of Australia.

Having been around since the late Nineties, Symbols Of Failure is already Psycroptic's third album, and their very American sounding music somehow betrays their origins, or at least the cliché we have in mind of sunny Australia. Although all nine songs more or less follow the same procedure and therefore make it hard to make out any particularly strong or weak track, the powerful production transforms this into an instant winner. Play it loud and you know what I mean.

Apart from playing some of the most refreshing death metal I have heard in a long time, and never falling into the trappings of amateurism that exotic bands sometimes do, Psycroptic will again see much of their world this coming Spring where you can also catch them live on European stages.

Until then, you should really consider buying Symbols Of Failure, which is anything but a failure. Fans of Morbid Angel and Nile are the main target, but anyone who likes their death metal brutal and perfectly played should take note of this too.

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