PUSTULATED - Inherited Cryptorchidism

Pustulated - Inherited Cryptorchidism

14 songs
27:53 minutes
***** **


Reading the song titles should be enough already to give you an impression of what to expect. Pustulated from Nashville Tennessee (and yes, their drummer used to be in a country band) play no-holds-barred American death metal with a strong grind core influence. If they were a car, they would get non-stop tickets for speeding. The guttural vocals may make understanding the lyrics impossible, but when you have already problems reading the long song titles, that shouldn't make any difference.

What sets Pustulated apart from other grind death bands is an incontestable sense of humour, starting with the six second long Fuck Intros (I can only agree) to the funnily titled Exploring Uranus, with some classical samples. Even the outro combines high speed piano parts with lightning fast drumming.

The production may be a bit heavy on the bass side for my taste (and for the taste of my laptop speakers), but apart from that you get a short half hour filled to the brim with uncompromising death metal showing the same lyrical trademarks as the early Carcass stuff, although Pustulated are musically much more extreme. And also don't mistake these guys for untalented noise-mongers, it seems that they are technically more than just skilful, except that this kind of music makes it hard to distinguish too many details if you're not paying attention.

Inherited Cryptorchidism is not a classic of its genre, and especially at the end of the album, Pustulated show a more versatile side of themselves, but nonetheless this extreme death metal album should find a broad fanbase among splatter and pathological metal fans.

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