PYRAMAZE - Legend Of The Bone Carver

Pyramaze - Legend Of The Bone Carver

10 songs
47:58 minutes
***** **


"Not another power metal album" was my first thought when I looked at the cover art work of Pyramaze's second album Legend Of The Bone Carver. Their debut Melancholy Beast, released in May 2004, received great reviews by the international press, but I have to admit that I missed it.

The second album by this Danish-American cooperation starts with a short spoken word intro. The first notes of the first real song The Birth show immediately that Pyramaze are a melodic power metal band. Speed is an important element on most tracks and the massive double bass drums are quite impressive. The keyboards give the songs a bombastic and progressive touch drawing parallels to Dream Theater and Fates Warning. The vocals, that are never too high and too penetrating are a positive aspect that distinguish Pyramaze from other power metal bands. These musicians are very skilled and know what they do. Of course they can't innovate the metal scene with their mix of prog metal, Iced Earth and Iron Maiden, but that certainly isn't Pyramaze's goal.

Pyramaze are one of the better power metal bands. Especially the dramatic passages and the love for variation make listening to Legend Of The Bone Carver a not too bad experience for someone who's not too familiar with that genre. If there's something that still should be changed, then I would recommend them to write slightly shorter songs. Eight goods songs, one intro and a too romantic half-ballad are surely the right way to reach the next level in a still very young career.

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