PYRO - Breaking Point

Pyro - Breaking Point

12 songs
57:19 minutes


Only yesterday I was writing a review for French hardrock band Pyro’s debut album and was full of admiration for it, so I was all in favour of getting to their 2004 album Breaking Point, and couldn’t believe I was listening to the same band. The more than ten years older Velvet Glove was something like a tribute to Trust and AC/DC, but on this more recent re-release, it feels as if the band wanted to sound like Poison. There is hardly any trace of hardrock left on the album, and even vocalist Jay Burnett, coming from the United Kingdom, can’t even add that weird charm French vocalist who sing in English often have.

Did Pyro want to become successful by recording a really commercial album? If so, they were nearly twenty years late. Breaking Point lacks the sense of humour their debut was displaying, and even the lacklustre production makes it hard for fans of radio rock to get into this album. The twelve songs amount to nearly one hour of mediocre soft rock, which is way too much when the quality is dragging like this. This year’s effort Stab In The Back was at least a step back into a more hardrocking direction, even if the band still got lost in too long running times, but let’s hope that soon enough they will regain the spirit with which they started in the early Nineties. Breaking Point can hardly be recommended to anyone though.

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