PYRO - Stab In The Back

Pyro - Stab In The Back

10 songs
58:36 minutes


Active since the early Nineties, Pyro from France play purest hard rock in the tradition of AC/DC and Trust. The cover artwork is humorous, and there is certainly nothing wrong with a sense of humour in hard rock music. But I stopped laughing when I started listening to Stab In The Back, already the fourth release by Pyro. Their intentions are good, I don’t deny it, and their songwriting is even full of ideas, but they eventually sound like a car running out of gas. Bluesy hard rock is supposed to by dynamic music, but Stab In The Back is lacking energy throughout its entire hour, which is also too long for only ten songs. I miss speed, energy, sweat, and even though their singer has not a too bad voice, he manages to sound tired on the album.

Give these guys a better producer, cut the songs to decent lengths and send them back to the studio to record this near disaster which has every potential of being a really succeeded bluesy hard rock album, if only the sound were more powerful. Let’s hope they fare better next time.

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