PYRO - Velvet Glove

Pyro - Velvet Glove

10 songs
38:39 minutes
***** **


Half a year ago, I suffered through the fourth album by French hard rockers Pyro. Active since the early Nineties, they had a very lazy release schedule, and their current label now decided to treat us with their back catalogue. The first question that came to my mind was: What did I do to deserve this? But don’t worry: although far from perfect, their debut Velvet Glove from 1992 has this peculiar charm you would expect from an early Eighties hardrock band. Whenever Pyro hit bull’s eye, you can understand why some people had to get this music back on the market. Especially the opener Joyride begs for a videoclip of the band cruising on a convertible through California beach landscapes, and convey the same innocent charm as Y&T did twenty to twenty-five years ago. Their main influence are of course AC/DC, and as they are French, probably also Trust whose first two album show parallels to Pyro’s debut.

Whenever the band explores their soft side, as on the dreadful ballad Lay Your Love On Me or on the mock epic Stand By Me, they fail miserably, but in the end there are more hits than misses on this crunchy hardrock album that was probably already ten years late when it was first released, but nowadays, with a retro fashion going on, you can’t sound too old to be in. With subtle influences from blues to boogie, Velvet Glove may not have the glossy production you expect on a modern CD, but it shows that back when they started, Pyro were a band to be taken seriously.

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