Q-BOX - Pentenridian Space Cowboys

Q-Box - Pentenridian Space Cowboys

11 songs
53:53 minutes
***** ***
One Louder / Radar


Q-Box, a German metal band, has been formed in 2001 and is strongly influenced by classic hard rock, although their music also contains some elements of blues and brutal metal. The band won a newcomer contest and published already an EP in 2001.

The new, and first full-length, album starts with Walk Of Death, a rough hard rock song with a touch of thrash metal. Symmetry adds more speed and surprises with a grind passage towards the end of the track. Transparent Poison, the album's longest track, starts as a metalcore song but heads into a more melodic mood later on. Where The Shadows Lie is a cool heavy rock song with an Ozzy like chorus. Shredder is an instrumental showing that the band is also able to play uptempo thrash and black metal parts. Another cool track is In Vain And Amiss which sounds like a tribute to In Flames. Those who like the less extreme side of Q-Box can listen to Lust and Back To The Abyss, two slower tracks with bluesy guitar solos. Silent Dream is a dreamy song with a strong folk touch. The album surprises at the end with Misery, a ballad with organ parts.

Q-Box are great instrumentalists and the song writing convinces in every aspect. There's not a single black-out on the record, although the production could have been more powerful. But this shouldn't be an excuse to miss an impressive album showing the multiple faces of rock and metal.

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