QUANTUM FANTAY - Agapanthusterra

Quantum Fantasy - Agapanthusterra

9 songs
51:52 minutes
***** ***
Pete's Mushroomland


Although my knowledge of the Flemish language is rather limited, I understood from Quantum Fantay's homepage that their name comes from a typing error. This mild case of admitted dyslexia doesn't prevent this Belgian band to offer an exciting cocktail of psychedelic space rock. Giving a good live impression already many months ago at the now defunct Kayler Stuff where they played with their Luxembourgish counterparts Chief Mart's, Quantum Fantay show that they can also convince in the recording studio.

Their debut album Agapanthusterra starts with the laid back T.N.S.F.P. (an extended intro possibly), before the longer Lantanasch takes over and shows the band from its more dynamic side. It's been said many times before that Quantum Fantay sound a lot like Ozric Tentacles, which can't be denied, mostly because of the prominent use of a flute. But the Belgians also add elements of space rock (latter day Hawkwind) and 70s progressive rock of the German persuasion. Several songs take advantage of a vocoder, giving the music a B-movie sci-fi feel, and the sas that can be heard of three songs enchants with oriental atmosphere.

Spiral Flame is backed by a rhythm section that gets fully into a reggae dub ambience, and the title track, with its eight minutes the longest song on Agapanthusterra, emphasises why Quantum Fantay are the brainchild of keyboarder Pete Mush who invokes a krauty atmosphere early Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze would be proud of. The (wanted?) cheesiness of some of his synth sounds never disturb, but make for a nostalgic feeling. Wintershades is again a mellower piece, but Trip Escape is therefore purest, trippy space rock. Wais Dame Dilamp comes across as oriental psychedelia. The album ends with Chase The Dragon, another typical QF track and finally an untitled bonus track which is sounding oriental again.

Someone once said that talking about music is like dancing to architecture, so I better end this review now. Quantum Fantay are anything but original, but they do understand how to concoct a delicious mixture out of different influences. Good song writing and superior skills on their instruments (except for the guitar that doesn't set any true accents) make Agapanthusterra a delightful experience for fans of synth-heavy psyche-space rock.

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